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Scientifically proven to reduce cribbing

New American research work has proved that the Tongue Twister can significantly reduce the cribbing activity of horses that were confirmed as chronic cribbers…

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How to cope with Laminitis

Laminitis is very painful, causes lameness and commonly occurs in the front feet causing the animal to lean backwards as it tries to take the weight off the affected feet…

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A Stable Toy or Welfare Improver?

A student’s work at Bristol Veterinary School, supervised by Professor Christine Nicol the well-known expert on horse behaviour…

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Is sugar bad for your horse?

The greatest source of sugar in your horse’s diet comes from the forage it consumes…

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How can the Paddock Likit help?

“Modern” grasslands are mostly composed of specially developed grasses that respond well to fertiliser applications and provide essential…

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Keeping the Stabled Horse Happy

Horses and ponies are often kept in conditions that suit us, not them!..

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