Maintain a happy horse with our unique and fun equine toys.

Our seriously fun treats and toys and specially designed to keep your horse engaged and free from boredom. The Likit Challenge System will help ensure that you choose the right level of toy for your horse.

Challenge System

The Likit Challenge System is designed to grade the different levels of challenge each of our toys will offer your horse so you can ensure you select the right toy to suit your horses personality.

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The Science

There have been numerous pieces of research to study the effectiveness of our products.  So don’t take our word for it, hear from the experts as to why Likit products will be of benefit to your horse or pony…

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How Likits are Made

Ever wondered how Likits are made? We can’t give away all our secrets but here you will find some useful information on our quality production systems…

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Got a question for us? Why not check out our frequently asked questions to see if you can find an answer there…

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Watch Likit in action

Your horse loves Likits, but don’t just take our word for it…