The Likit Challenge System is designed to grade the different levels of challenge each of our toys will offer your horse.


Our entry level product, the Likit Holder has a low level of challenge so is ideal for horses that have never used Likits before as it gives them a gentle introduction to the product range, which is important particularly for horses that are not normally food motivated – Sometimes they can be put off if the challenge is too great initially.

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The Medium Challenge Level features the Snak-a-Ball and the Tongue Twister.
Firstly the Snak-a-Ball, this is suitable for all horses and ponies and can be used indoors or out. The challenge for this product increases as the horse uses the product. Simply fill with any dry feed, ideally pelleted, or our new Likit Snaks. As the horse nudges the ball it will roll and the feed will trickle out. The less feed left in the ball, the higher the level of challenge for the horse.

Secondly, the Tongue Twister, this product is designed to be fixed to a wall at wither height and is ideal for horses in smaller stables or for those that tend to ‘spook’ easily. Simply insert one or two Little Likits and as the horse uses the toy, the ball will spin making it harder for them to reach their reward. To increase the challenge insert just one Little Likit, gravity will pull the treat down. Studies have shown that environmental enrichment works best when animals are challenged with changes in their environment. Try regularly changing the flavour of the Little Likits and even more the location of the toy from time to time.

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The Boredom Breaker and Boredom Buster are our most challenging toys and ideal for experienced Likit users or horses that are particularly motivated by food. Ensure the ball is hung at wither height, well away from any walls to encourage the horse to lick rather than bite. For the Boredom Breaker, we would recommend using one of our salt based Likits on the top Likit Holder and using either 1 or 2 Little Likits in the ball. Try alternating both the flavours and the location of the ball regularly to keep the horse’s interest.

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