Meet Nicole’s Aussie Team…

Hi Everyone, hope you all are safe and doing well. I’m extremely excited for competitions and clinics to start up again here in australia after a quiet couple of months. However we’ve definitely been keeping busy and having heaps of fun maintaining our fitness and learning new tricks with our yummy Likit Snaks.

Meet some of the team!

Name: Mr Muscles
Breed: warmblood
Colour: Dappled grey
Height: 17hh
Age: 9 yrs
Favourite Likit treat: Likit Snaks

Name: Astro
Breed: Thoroughbred
Colour: Chestnut
Height: 16.2hh
Age: 14yrs
Favourite likit treat: Cherry Likit refill

Name: Ducky
Breed: warmblood
Colour: Liver chestnut
Height: 16.1hh
Age: 7yrs
Favourite Likit treat: Apple and Molasses Likit refill

Name: Blondie
Breed: stock horse
Colour: Palomino
Height: 15.1hh
Age: 5yrs
Favourite Likit treat: Treat bars

Until next month, love Nicole xx