From rewarding young horses, calming hyper ponies and even having a cheeky taste myself, I’ve used them for everything! Meet my rising 6 year old warmblood show jumper Jazz. She is well bred and has an adorable but hyper temperament to match!


She loves to go out first thing in the morning but sometimes this isn’t possible due to the great British weather or needing to get her ready to go out. She bucks and squeals in her stable then box walks when left in. She isn’t particularly stressy but does get excited and all the spinning round isn’t ideal. We have found that hanging Likits and toys really help to keep her occupied and, being a mare whose life revolves around food and jumping, she loves them!

We also use Likit Snaks when loose jumping her so the jumping is reward based instead of her being chased round the arena. By doing this we have ensured she loves loose jumping and now canters to the jump all on her own then comes back for her treat!



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