One day I was walking down to get Buttercup out the paddock when I saw her get get caught up with another horse, I knew by the noise she made she was in pain and ran as fast as I could down to the field.


I could see she was not putting any pressure on her back leg and was holding it up. I walked her out the field before screaming for help, it took her over half an hour to walk what is normally a 20 second walk, she was in utter agony. By the time we got her to the yard the vet had already arrived. Things didn’t look good and said they would be back out to x-ray. We already knew it was broken at this point as you could see the bone, but the next day we were given terrible news, she had completely shattered her splint bone and fractured her cannon bone. This absolutely devastated everyone at the yard as she was such a loved pony. It was touch and go for a week to see if she could physically and mentally cope with the pain.

But that was not the only obstacle, to make matters worse she absolutely hates her stable and would run round and round until she was white with foam. We tried everything to calm her down including sedation from the vets, hiding treats around the stable but nothing worked. As a last resort I tried Likits hanging toy and ball not expecting it to help but it did! She was so focused on playing with these toys she was completely calm in the stable. Without Likit she would have more than likely had of been put to sleep because she just wouldn’t calm down! It was a very long road to recovery for Buttercup but I can now say I have an amazing pony who is the most giving and loving pony to ride. I now regularly compete in all different things and she normally comes a winner out of everything. I’d like to say thank you to Likit for saving my pony.



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