My pony (I have her on full loan from my neighbour and have done since the day she arrived in July 2011) is a beautiful 21 years young Appaloosa named ‘Centaur Jenny Wren’ or Jen for short.


I’ve always used Likits for my ponies. I have used other horse treats but Likits appeal most to me, the Likit Treat Bars are a really unique innovate product and are a firm favorite at my yard! When I first got Jen I had had a break from riding, and having come off a slow arthritic 12.2, a forward going 14.2 ex eventer wasn’t exactly my ideal horse back then! Jen was very nervous and flighty and it took us a very long time to bond. I used Likits after a good ride to reward her, and since she loved them they played a great part in earning her trust.

Now nearly 4 years on we have a fantastic bond. Unfortunately Jen is getting older, and at 21 years young is not as supple as she used to be. I use Likit Treat Bars and Likit Snaks to help with her stretches after every ride. We also use them on my sister’s pony who is 20 years young and has just started with stretches too.

We love Likits, they have really helped us bond and Jen loves them! they are especially useful for stretches, which I believe are vital for veterans to ensure they stay supple. If you want to see more of my stretching photos check out my Instagram @jenappaloosapony.



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