When Skye met Emily…

Our ponies loved opening their advent calendars! Bailey ,Toto & Bella all had studmuffin advent calendars! (I think they where all disappointed when the calendars ended🤣).

During December Bella and I entered E-riders walk trot Dressage test she came 6th and got 63.33%

Also Bella has improved on her jumping & flat work lots!

I went to the London horse show- it was amazing we watched the dressage,driving and showjumping which was phenomenal!

I got to meet @popeyethecob (another member from #teamlikit) it was so nice to meet Emily

Then it was Christmas! My favourite holiday! Hope you all got everything you wanted and had an amazing day!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas hope you had a great day!

I cant believe we’re coming into the new year

Whats everyone’s goals/plans? I hope to take Bella out somewhere🤞 and so many more!

That’s it for this month happy new year everyone!!!!