Trotting with Bella

Hi everyone hope you have all had a fab November except from the fact it’s the month all equestrians dread – no stirrup November😱

But I’m very happy because Its finally acceptable to listen to Christmas songs on full blast!!!!🎅🎉  I mean I totally haven’t been listening to Xmas songs since September….. anyways.

This month I have been really trying to get Bella supple on the bit, she has been going really nicely! There’s still so much we need to improve on but its a starting point.

On the 13th our teamlikit clothing arrived😆 there are loads of photos on my Instagram!

this month I have been practicing a walk trot canter test for e-riders! I will be entering the walk trot canter test in December (wish us luck). On the 25th I ordered 1 jump fence from PolyJumps, I used my GoPro to take some really cool videos they are all on my Instagram! And of course Bella was wearing her #teamlikit saddle pad 😊

If you guys didn’t know I am a competitive street dancer, me and my dance crew went to compete at the BDO Street dance championships. we came 2nd!!! Honestly I am so happy 🥳

Bailey, Bella and Toto cant wait to start their Stud Muffins Advent Calendar!

Thank you all so much for reading my November TeamLikit blog!

Hope you all have had an amazing month

Loads of love from Skye and Bella🎄🎅