Romy’s June Blog

Hi guys!

How have you all been? To start off with, my non-horsey sister decided to put her (non-existent) haircutting skills to test with Trixie. Remarkably it didn’t end up looking too bad!

June was a great month for Trixie and I. We had a couple of successful outings and explored some new venues near us.

At the start of June, Trixie and I enjoyed a jump clinic at home. We practiced over some courses, which we haven’t done a lot of since Trixie’s injury last May. She was so bold and adjustable, she has made such an improvement in her jumping lately. As a result, I am becoming much more confident jumping which is something I have struggled with for a while.

Thank you Tracy for this photo 🙂

The following weekend, we enjoyed a trip out to a local cross country venue. This was our first time doing any cross country jumping since February last year. We didn’t jump anything big, as I was feeling a bit ensure. It really highlighted that I need some lessons to better guide Trixie during cross country. However, I was still really pleased with how bold she was.

We then took a weekend off travelling and we had two nice chill flat sessions and hacks. The weather was so lovely, I think we both loved it.
Video 1

We also headed out for a last minute cross country clinic that week at a really fantastic venue. They had so many jumps and Trixie and I had a great time conquering some new kinds of fences. It really boosted my confidence in my cross country riding ability.

On the last day of June, we went out for one more cross country clinic. The new instructor was new to me, and it was interesting to hear new critiques and advice. Trixie was a star, and luckily we managed to dodge the worst of the hot weather (on Saturday it was 33°!!)

Overall, Trixie and I really focused on cross country this month and took some great strides in our confidence. But, while we have had loads of fun going out recently, we have had some unfortunate loading issues. Trixie has decided that she is not very keen on getting on the lorry anymore, which can be a bit frustrating at the end of the day when you are an hour away and just want to start driving home! It is difficult to tell whether she has had a negative experience and does not want to go on, or if she is just being a bit stubborn and cheeky. When she does finally get on, she happily stands and munches hay, so we are thinking it may be the latter reason. It is something we are working on, and hopefully will sort out soon because Trixie loves being out, just not the travel!

During the past three weeks, I have also been attending an internship and at a company which manufactures and sells sporting apparel for certain sports (including equestrian). It has been super interesting for me to gain insight into what it is like to work a 9-5 job, however this has been cutting into my time with Trixie, so I am eager to finish and get on with my summer holidays now!

I hope you all have had an exciting start to summer, whether that be training for competition or just having fun.

Enjoy your July!

Romy and Trixie 🙂