Romy’s February Blog

I hope you have all had an enjoyable start to 2019!

Trixie and I have had an amazing start to the year. We have cracked down on our training with our new instructor and have made great progress in our flatwork. Trixie has been feeling the nicest she has ever felt and I am so pleased!

We have been having such a nice time exploring the new yard and enjoying the gorgeous countryside hacking. Trixie is making lots of friends too and despite being the smallest pony at the yard, she has appointed herself one of the bosses…Classic Trixie!

Another exciting thing that happened this month is we found a new saddle for Trixie. The current one we had had been very poorly fitted and we had been searching for a better saddle for a while. Finally we had an amazing lady who has loads of second hand saddles come out and she found us a perfect saddle. We are both very happy with the fit and I am very relieved that Trixie is much more comfortable now.

On the 23rd of January Trixie and I celebrated our three year anniversary together. It is crazy to think about how much time that is. We celebrated the occasion with some of the Stud Muffin Celebration Cake as well as a Snak-a-Ball and some Likit Snaks (Trixie is a very spoilt pony!) I still remember the day I met her and the day she came home so clearly. We have had such a journey together and this past year has definitely been the most challenging, but I can certainly say I have loved every single second with this pony.


It snowed a bit at the end of this month which was fun and a nice change of scenery. However the bad weather around this meant Trixie had to spend more time in her stable. Luckily for Trixie, we mounted a Tongue Twister in her stable. I highly recommend getting one of these toys as they are great for keeping your horse entertained.