Romy’s December Blog

Hey everyone,

I hope you have all had a festive holiday season with your families, friends and horses.

Trixie and I moved stables at the beginning of the month and have been enjoying getting to know the new yard. Trixie has a lovely big field and has already made lots of friends with her neighbours.

Unfortunately on our first hack, we had a freaky accident involving a sheep grate. We carefully rushed her back to the yard and the wounds were cleaned and bandaged. Despite what she had been through she trotted up quite sound besides a bit of stiffness. The vet flushed out the wounds and staples were put into one of them.

Trixie had time on box rest with handwalking and walk work over the past couple of weeks and I am so relived to say that she is sound now and we can continue with regular work. During her time on box rest, I made sure to give Trixie some Likit toys to entertain herself. She particularly loves her Snak a Ball. I am so grateful for our wonderful vet and the amazing team at the yard. We are so incredibly lucky that Trixie only came away with superficial wounds because she easily could have broken a leg, damaged a tendon or had one of the wounds become infected.

As some of you may know, this isn’t the first injury we have dealt with this year. Trixie suffered a tissue tear to the tendon sheath back in May and had keyhole surgery. We carefully took her through a rehabilitation program and we finally got the all clear from our vet that was completely sound and ready for full work. Then of course she had the second injury.

I went to Olympia International Horse Show on the 18th and had an amazing time. Usually I go on the jumping days, but, due to prior commitment I could only go on the first few days. The first few days of Olympia mainly consist of dressage, which I normally don’t enjoy as much as jumping. But I was completely blown away by the display I saw that evening. It was amazing to see the connection between horse and rider at such a high level of competition. I watched many talented riders including Charlotte Dujardin and also enjoyed the world class shopping Olympia has to offer.

This year has been quite the roller coaster but I feel so lucky to have the my friends, family and all the lovely equestrians who have shared their own experiences and offer advice and support. The equestrian community is so special.

I am hoping to have a strong year with Trixie, get out to some shows and clinics as well as just have a good time!

These are some of my favourite pictures from our year.