Rainbow’s & Likit Ice Lollies with Cora

Hello Likit fans!

Hope everyone has had a safe and relaxing June as things start to reopen here in the UK. As you may know June is pride month, so we kicked things off by jumping a rainbow flag… tackless! Zavon wasn’t overly keen on the idea (flags are very scary after all) but after a few fails and LOTS of Likit Snaks to tell him it was alright we got a couple of nice photos (no way was he jumping over the flag itself though!). Likit snaks are so perfect for a situation like desensitizing (to a flag in this case) as they fit perfectly in your pocket and you can take out as many as you like each time for a small or a larger reward, and you can treat your horse several times without taking up too much pocket space.

The weather in England in June has been a bit changeable, however we did have one very hot week where all the horses were in during the day- all enjoying their likits! As an extra refreshing treat, I also made some Likit ice lollies for the horses- Likit Treat Bar pieces, some apple/carrot/banana and apple juice or water in a Little Likit container. Empty Little Likits are perfect for this as they have lids to prevent spills and can slot into likit toys so the treats aren’t on the ground, as you can see Zavon really enjoyed his one in his tongue twister!

June overall has felt very quiet despite a few big events for the horses including Mary’s first rider, although I (and I know many others) are excited to be able to go out again- recently we had a fun training session at Hickstead in our #teamlikit saddlepad, we’re very lucky it’s not too far from us.

It’s strange to think that this time last year I was filming and working on my #teamlikit application, it’s amazing how much can change in a year.

Stay safe,
Cora, Zavon & Mary