Last week huge boxes full to the brim of Likit Product goodies arrived. As you can see from the pictures I was very surprised. These are amazing, I can’t believe how much I received. Thank you very, very much!
Later the same week I took my new horse Khamsin (Cash) to have our second attempt at affiliated Medium Tests.  I was absolutely shocked to find out I had won both the medium classes with fantastic scores of 67% and 68%.  I was judged by previous Olympic dressage rider Jane Bartle-Wilson.
This means I have qualified for the Sheepgate Under 25’s in August individually with Cash at Medium as well as keeping my fingers crossed to being selected for the BYRDS Northern Region Team at the same Championship. This has also qualified me for the Pet plan Area Festivals.

Cash looked so handsome in his new Likit Rug and I matched in my gilet.  I look forward to wearing our new dressage approved white Likit Numnah at our next outing.

My next aims are to get Cash qualified for the BD winter regionals. I am also taking my Welsh D, Seb to the Trailblazers championships and BD Summer Regionals in the next few months.

So far I am very pleased with the partnership I have formed with Cash, having had him for just 3 months, especially with also making the transition from pony to horse and having never ridden medium level before! Big achievements in a small space of time so I am very excited to see what the next few months have in store.  Wish me luck!

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