Meet Skye & Bella

Welcome to mine and Bella’s first #teamlikit blog!

Wow a lot has happened in the month of September.

First of all let me introduce you to my family (my animal family that is😂)

Bella- Bella is a 12.2hh welsh pony with a massive personality! Bella is my best friend and she always will be❤.

Toto- Toto is a 13.2hh Irish cob, he has taught loads! I shared him for 6months but he sadly he cant teach me anymore but he is still a very big part of my life😊

Bailey- Bailey is 14.3hh and my new share! I have so much to learn on him, I cant wait for the future.

Loki- Loki is my pet rabbit, he lives quit a luxurious life!😂 Loki lives inside and when he comes out for play time the likit snak-a-ball is his fav part!

Posey- Posey is our family dog who we have had for 7years!! We all love her to bits❤ same with Loki Posey loves the likit snak-a-ball.

September started of with the first month of me sharing Bailey which was so exciting! Me & Bella + Me & Toto entered online dressage (e-riders) for the first time, I’m very happy with both of them! Bella placing 4th & 9th Toto placing 7th🥰

I have started jumping Bella a lot more and she has been going amazingly, we have been keeping it small 50cm and under but I couldn’t be happier with Bella!

And then on the 16th of September I found out me & Bella made it on to #teamlikit🤯🙌 lets just say me and Bella are still on cloud 9!!!! During September i was brainstorming ideas for likit! And how make really fun content for you guys, we have got some super fun Halloween videos planed!!

I went to ponymags big day out which was awesome! I got to meet Gracie Tyte from Pony Nuts it was amazing!

Hope you all enjoyed our first teamlikit blog see you all in October!