Lily’s First TeamLikit Blog!

Welcome to my first ever Likit Blog, in fact my first ever Blog!  I am usually behind the camera and not behind text so I am hoping that I can make this blog as exciting as possible.

So, the thrill of winning a place on #teamlikit last month has still not gone, in fact it has grown from seeing just how supportive the team are.

I have been busy training both Perry and Diamond at home preparing them to qualify for Winter Regional British Dressage.  It will be Perry’s first time being competed affiliated after a problem with him loading and travelling.  Hopefully with the help of his new Likit Tongue Twister now installed in the lorry we will be able to make his debut.

I am looking forward to promoting Likit out and about and of course sharing my hints and tips of the uses of Likits over on my YouTube channel.

Lily x