Goodbye January…

It’s been a quiet one …

January for us was so quiet! It was a month of not a lot but we’re definitely now looking ahead to the spring and summer months now and starting to get very excited about some warmer weather, less mud and soon, less mucking out!

So what’s coming next?

It’s time to get Dan Dan nice and fit ready for lots of pony club antics, we have lots planned in half term, from a triathlon (pony less of course) games and jump training and hopefully we might get to a show too!

Buzz is now in the process of getting broken in and hopefully I’ll be taking him showing soon. Mum is taking him in hand this coming weekend to see how he feels about it all. Fingers crossed he takes it all in his stride.

I wonder in my next update I will of maybe had my first ride on Buzz? Keep your eyes peeled!