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A. Intake levels will depend on a number of different factors, such as the nature of your horse’s diet, their size, breed and age. However, as a guide we recommend that horses and ponies should not consume more than one Little Likit or half a Likit per day (300g).

A. The best way to open the Likit packaging is to remove the lid, put both thumbs at the top of the tear strip (the thickest part of the plastic), push down to break the seal and then peel the plastic down the strip. Repeat on the other side. Open the shell and twist the Likit to free from packaging.

A. This is easily solved, just use a pair of long nosed pliers. Grip the side of the empty pot with the pliers and pull, you may need to repeat on either side of the pot if it is firmly stuck in the hole.

A. Apple seems to be the current favourite, but it varies dependent on the country. In the UK Cherry is very popular but in Germany Banana is their favourite flavour. However we are always keen to hear your views, just use the ‘Contact Us’ button in the list at the top right of your screen. Let us know your horse’s favourite flavour or ideas as to new flavours we should produce.

A. Every horse is different but we have developed a fun ‘Likit Personality Test’ to help you decide the best product for your horse or pony.  Most people start with the Likit Holder as it is easy to use so ideal for those new to Likits but if you have a horse or pony that is particularly food motivated, they would definitely benefit from a more challenging toy such as the Boredom Breaker.

A. As the main component of a Likit is Glucose, Likits will provide energy. However, provided the recommended daily intake is adhered to there should be little or no effect on your horse’s energy levels.

A. Most horses and ponies with laminitis are put on a restricted diet so we would recommend the Snak-a-Ball as this is an excellent way to make what little rations they receive last much longer.  The Snak-a-Ball can be filled with your own lami-friendly feed or with our low sugar Likit Snaks.  In addition to prolonging feeding time and promoting a natural grazing action, the Snak-a-Ball will also help relieve boredom and stress, particularly important when they on box rest or bare paddocks.

Alternatively we do manufacture salt based Likits and Little Likits that can be used in conjunction with our range of toys, these are a great way to provide free access to salt.  Just remember that horses will not ‘play’ for prolonged periods with salt so they may not get the same level of boredom relief as with the glucose varieties.

A. Likits are made from human food grade raw materials but they are not made in a human food factory and therefore cannot be recommended for human consumption.  Likits are for horses, not humans!

A. Our Likits are made from human food grade raw materials, namely glucose, dextrose monohydrate, natural colours, natural and artificial flavourings and Potassium Sorbate (a preservative).  If you would like to know ingredients of a particular flavour of Likit, please do get in touch and we can send you an ingredients list.

We also manufacture Salt based Likits and Little Likits which can be used in conjunction with our Likit toys; keep an eye out for Likit Salt, Likit Sport (Electrolytes) or Likit Ice (Himalayan Rocksalt).  These are a great way to provide free access to salt in the stable or for those that are on restricted diets.

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