Emily’s first TeamLikit Blog

Hey guys! @popeyethecob here with my first TeamLikit blog! October was so cool, the highlight of my month was defo receiving all my Likit products! All the horses are loving them!

I have sadly only been able to get out competing once this month with one of my first pony’s coming home with a double win!

Hopefully will be getting back out with my main horse Merc BS soon again after our break!  This month has included lots of training with Merc getting back on our feet and starting to jump bigger courses again!

Super excited to receive and wear my likit show gear out to competitions!

More on the personal side, i had an amazing holiday in brighton at the beginning of this month with a friend!  Sadly didn’t bump into Wilbur Soot (if you know, you know lol) but we did lots of shopping and visited lots of places!

So excited for November!