Cora’s May Blog

Well, what a busy month, a lot of staying at home coupled with more staying at home, so this blog might be a short one!
The mane (!) event of May was Zavon’s birthday, the highlight for him of course was his Stud Muffins cake which I decorated with lots of Likit Snaks– all the other ponies were a bit jealous (Zavon was very disappointed he had to share)!

During the lockdown I’ve been doing a bit of digital drawing and it was amazing to see I wasn’t the only one with some absolutely gorgeous drawings for the #Likitart competition, everyone’s’ entries were so creative and sounded delicious.

As it’s been a quiet month I decided to try and improve my position…tackless! We had a lot of fun going down a grid and even went through completely liberty style- not even a neckrope!

Our local show centers have started to open up again, with BS running training shows from 1st June. We went out XC for the first time in nearly a year with PC as rallies have started up, our cross country hasn’t magically improved in lockdown though and Zavon was still adamant he wasn’t going to get his feet wet! Think we’ll stick to showjumping…

We hope you’re well during these trying times, maybe you’ll (socially distantly) see us out in our #TeamLikit gear soon!