Caroline’s USA to UK roadtrip!

The journey from the John F. Kennedy Airport to England requires lots of preparation. It is not only about the competition, but the process of packing, getting there and settling in your horse. The grain needs to be shipped over, the horses need to be properly cared for and hydrated during the trip, and you have to do your best to keep the horse(s) calm. But we are talking about flying horses here, and yes I said calm.

When horses are in transit and at the event, it is really important to keep them preoccupied so they are not bored because of limited turnout in travel. Good hay is important but we all know they like an additional treat. Likits are made from really high grade raw ingredients, so I know exactly what I am giving my horses, and the Starter Kit Likits made Danger Mouse and The Apprentice’s really happy while they were in their stalls.

While I was competing at Bramham CCI3*, a package was dropped off at my hotel. The next morning I brought it to the stables and I know Danger Mouse enjoyed his gift. He more than deserved it! Bramham was the perfect next step for him because he is not quite ready for a 4* yet. As for The Apprentice, I was really proud of him after dressage. He is a bit of a corky horse, but I have gotten to know him better over the past year. I am excited to hopefully bring them to Pau in France, and move up to the 4*.

To wrap up our trip, I arrived back in the states a couple days after Bramham and the horses arrived the same week after spending two days in routine quarantine. Now, the whole team is back in Springtown, Pennsylvania and both The Apprentice and Danger Mouse are getting some well deserved turnout!