Capucine’s March Blog

In France these last months it really made a very rainy weather, it was very difficult for the horses who are not used to it, and their morale was not at the top…

But I had the miracle cure ! Even in the meadow my horses have the right to Likit hanging in the trees and they were too happy to see a little coloor in this grey weather !! I’m feel good to see them play and stop waiting for the rain to stop.

During this period, as the work was still complicated, I taught my pony Ace, to paint. It seemed a lot to please him and he made very beautiful paintings, on the canvas and … on my clothes too !!

The last weekend, I did with Baly, my horse, my first endurance race in 20km. I didn’t know at all this discipline undeveloped in my country but it was great ! We proudly wore the Likit colours. We finished 5th / 10, which is satisfactory for a first.

After dressage, jumping, hunter, cross-country, “equifeel”, a new discipline is added to our list. My little Baly, former racehorse becomes even more versatile.