Adventures with Cora & Zavon

How is it August already?! I’m not sure how most people have felt but the past few months have absolutely flown by, in less than a week’s time I get my A-level results back- good thing I’ve planned in a few relaxing things with the horses!

July has been exciting (or should that say exhausting? :0) with me starting at a new job and finally getting out to a training show. We headed down to our local show center for their training show and jumped 2 nice rounds in the 1m and 1.10, although they would probably have been better if Zavon had had a bit more sleep as he felt very tired… he still got lots of Likit treats though for trying his best!

We had a very exciting delivery from Likit who are absolutely wonderful and have the ponies set up with Stud Muffins and the new Likit Granola (as well as some other goodies!) for a long time (or at least as long as I can keep Zavon’s nose out the stud muffins bag…)!

To start August off right we headed out for an evening beach ride but riding on the beach wasn’t enough excitement for me as I wanted to do it bareback! (I actually wanted to do it tackless but was told I had to use a bridle). The last time we went to that beach (Camber sands) was almost 10 years ago and I was so terrified I wouldn’t go out of walk- if you’d told me that 10 years later I’d be cantering along on a spooky warmblood bareback I can’t think I’d have believed you. We did have a few moments where a small bit of seaweed appeared by Zav’s feet which was very scary (seaweed, on a beach- who’da thought it?) but it’s moments like that where a nice long mane come in handy!

Then today we set a new PB for our tackless jumping flying over 1.20m, despite me thinking we were heading for the wing but Zavon was pleased we were finally doing a decent sized fence and managed to jump it beautifully.

I hope you’re staying safe and cool and have a wonderful August!
Cora, Zav & Mary