Skye & Bella’s February Blog

We started of the month with bareback jumping on Bella, she was amazing as per usual 😄myself and Bella have been filming a very excting giveaway which should posted within a week or so! You definitely don’t want to miss it, its a super fun and interactive.

February is the month of love, how do you show your pony that you love them? Giving them a big hug, loads of treats , a new matchy set. Posey (my dog) thinks all ponies deserve likit on valentines!❤️ one of Totos presents was the amazing rainbow likit, he absolutely loved it😋! (would 100% recommend to anyone considering buying It).

On the 20th it was mine and Bellas 3year anniversary, Bella is such an amazing pony I am so lucky to have her in my life🥰

That’s all for this month see you all in march bye!😊