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Name: Carrie Munro
Age: 14
Olaf is my pony that I've had for almost 3years, he is 7years old and 14.2hh Connemara and he is a legend! Together we compete at BENovice level and also do lots of Showjumping!
Carrie 1
Rosie is mainly my sisters pony but I ride her quite a lot at the moment due to her cheekiness and I help out my sister ( Issy ) a lot and enjoy teaching the pair of them and watching them progress! Rosie is a 12.2hh 10year old Irish Sports Pony.
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I mainly event at BE Novice Level (affiliated), but I love Showjumping too and truely that is were my heart lays! As long as I'm jumping I'm happy as I'm not too keen on dressage and I don't think the ponies are too keen either! Though I'm up for anything new, horseball was a weird one but good fun on a small pony! I'm even doing my first ever Team Chase in November!

1. When did you first become interested in horse riding and why?
I first became interested in horse riding as my grandma owns a farm with a couple of horses, with her own 16.3hh Clydesdale, Bennie! And despite my older brother connor taking up riding lessons at a local Centre I never truely was into it until I was about 8 years old and my dad was posted to Sandhurst, RMAS, and I found out they had a couple of ponies, I jumped straight in and watching all the parades and the big army horses, I was completely absorbed in them, I'd try anything to get a ride and help out, I even had a 4 year calendar count down until my mum promised I could have my own horse!! There was a point where I had 3 riding lessons in one week, I was learning so much with the help of my fabulous instructors Angie Amey (Honestly the army's very own Monty Roberts!! ) and Tim Puddifoot (Corporal of Horse and massive Inspiration to me! ).
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2. What is your greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline?
This year has been such a successful year with Olaf, he's really shone in everything he's done, but the big one that stood out to me and meant alot were Houghton Hall this past May, It was my first ever BSJA show, at Pony Foxhunter level, in a competitive section and Olaf flew round to get one of the two only clears, not only this but in the jump off there was a massive hail and thunder storm to a point where Olaf needed windscreen wipers, but he pulled it off to get a double clear and fastest time!!
Carrie 3
3. What do you hope to achieve with your pony/horse in 2017/2018?
My main aim is to be selected to represent Great Britain at the Pony Europeans next year, however along side this I hope to have a calm consistent season and pull a few placings at Novice/Pony Trials level!

4. Which of the Likit toys and treats are your favourite and why?
Olaf's favorite likit toy by far is the Snak-a-ball, he isn't seen without it, it's the first thing he goes to in his stable to check if it's been filled! And the last thing he checks at night just to double check he hasn't forgotten any! Meanwhile Rosie will do anything for a Cherry Likit or Stud Muffins! She is obsessed!!
Carrie 5
5. Finally, if you could spend the day with any professional equestrian who would it be and why?
Harry Charles!! He has always been a massive inspiration to me (ever since I was very very small and only understood him to be the boy who jumped a lot bigger than I am in height!! ) Every jump off and round he completes is completely immaculate and his riding ability is way beyond his years!! He is so insanely talented!!

Written by Carrie Munro, #teamlikit at 20:00, 07 November 2017


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