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My name is Capucine and I'm 25 years old. My horse is called Baly, he's a thoroughbred who is an ex racehorse, and is 13 years old.  I have owned Baly since 2008, we enjoy such disciplines as hunter competition, jumping, cross country, "equifeel" (this is a competiton of liberty exercices in France)...
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Also I have a little pony, a welsh mountain, very (too) rascally !! He has been Baly's friend for the last 2 years and is 3 years old. Cap Nov6

When did you first become interested in horse riding and why?
I started riding at 3 years old, maybe already in my mother's belly because she was horsewoman.

What is your greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline?
Actually, my greatest achievement with my horse was to jump cross country brideless, but my favourite times are when we have sweet moments, for example lying together and having some quite time.
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What do you hope to achieve with your horse in 2017/2018?
In 2017 / 2018 I want to go to the French championships, do more hunter competition at higher heights and have an ever stronger relationship with Baly.
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Which of the Likit toys and treats are your favourite and why?
My favourite Likit toy its the Boredom Buster because it's the most challenging, other toys don't interest Baly, he likes Likit too much !!! He's favourite treats is cherry, but personally I prefere blueberry !
Cap Nov7
Finally, if you could spend the day with any professional equestrian who would it be and why?
I'm not a fan of lot of professional equestrians, but I have huge respect for Frederic Pignon, a French Horsemanship with a wonderful mentality with horses. He helped me indirectly to develop the relationship I have now with Baly.
Cap Nov2(Please note that we always recommend you wear a hat when riding)

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