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November was really good for me and Cherry! Firstly we went to Jozefin where we got 2 clear rounds in 1.20m and 1.25. Cherry was jumping really nice! 
The most exciting day of this month was a day of training with Jacek Zagor! He is one of the best Polish riders. My trainer, Michał, knows him for a long time, so he decided to give me an opportunity to have one training per month with Mr Zagor! The training was really good, we were not only jumping up to 1.30, but also doing some dressage (Cherry and I literally hate it, but in Poland, we say "there is no jumping without dressage"-that is true!). 
Also, this was the first training in my Likit saddle pad, as I got my Likit supply a day before! I made a video (in Polish) where I'm unboxing it!

The day after was the first day of the show in Poczernin. The first day wasn't good, Cherry wasn't listening to me at all, but on Sunday we did a good job! 

I had so much control! We got one clear round in 1.25 and placed 2nd between two famous polish riders: Aleksandra Dąbkowska and Łukasz Jończyk.
November was quite successful for us! I hope that in December we will have fun!

Written by Paulina Misior, #teamlikit at 00:00, 25 December 2017


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