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Hey everyone! This month has been full of exciting things for Jet, Dude and I. I have finally got them back at the yard from their time away and they are back in full work!

I am in the 5th week of having them back in work, in this time I have done lots and lots of lunging; 3 weeks ago, I got on Jet for the first time and last Saturday I jumped her for the first time in 3 months! It has felt so amazing to have them both back in work and feeling well. Their Likit Holders, Boredom Busters and Boredom Breakers, have been a huge help in getting them adjusted to being back in stables overnight.
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My main aim since the horses arrived back at the yard was to increase their weight and make sure their muscle tone increased as they had lost a lot of weight and condition since being away.

Maddie Mar2For those of you who may not know, Dude has been off since May 2016 (around 10 months) due to an inflamed suspensory ligament. It is now all healed and he is ready to start increasing his work to event this season. Jet has been off for 3 months as she needed some time off as she did a lot last year so it was a well-deserved rest!

Another very exciting thing that happened this month was, last Sunday I rode Dude for the first time in 10 months! It was such an emotional moment but I was so, so happy! He was such an angel and didn’t put a foot wrong. I have been doing lots of hacking and schooling while still lunging them both to aid their ridden work, but they are coming on beautifully and the time off has only done them good! I am hoping that our first events of the season I will be at Moreton Morrell on the 4th May in the BE100 with Jet (I am currently on the waitlist) and Tweseldown for the BE90 with Dude on the 20th May, providing everything goes as planned until then, and they are both fit and ready to go!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break and Happy Easter everyone!
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Written by Maddie Stout, #teamlikit at 19:00, 16 April 2017


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