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Wow! A year has flown by already! What a crazy year it has been! I have loved every second of being a member of Team Likit. A few weeks ago last year I was prepping my video all ready to send in, wishing I would be picked. I was so so happy when I received the phone call to tell me I had made it onto Team Likit! From then on, it’s been so so amazing! Here are a few of my favourite memories, that would not have been possible without Likit!

Meeting my now extremely good friends Romy Fryer (2016 Team Likit) and Flo Carter (2017 Team Likit) for our super fun meet up at BCA! We got some amazing clips and all had a go and jumping Jet. She was a superstar and had tons of Likits as a reward.
Maddie Nov 1
Receiving the awesome Limited Edition Rainbow Likit! Although Dude devoured it within 1 evening, the Rainbow Likit was awesome!
Maddie Nov 2
A very proud moment would definitely be the first competition I went to, sporting all of my amazing Likit gear! I stood out so well in my gilet and rug and we looked so coordinated and smart. We then placed in our first 1.10m SJ competition, it felt so professional in all our gear and made the moment even more special!
Maddie Nov 3
Bringing both the horses back into work after their winter break! It was a really good way for me to bond with them and the transitions back to being in their stables was so much smoother as they were comforted by their Likit Boredom Breakers and Boredom Busters, with a huge supply of refills!

At British Eventing one day events, it is very easy to feel under pressure due to the tough competition around you. But even though dressage isn’t our strongest, I always felt much better trotting into the dressage arenas sporting our Likit saddle cloth. We both felt more professional, and definitely performed our best!
Maddie Nov 4Maddie Nov 5
My favourite thing about being a Likit Ambassador by far, would be the amazing support from everyone at Likit. Whatever was going on they were so supportive through it. It truly is the best, when Dude was poorly and Jet had her surgery, to when things were tough at home, they were there. Also all the amazing members of Team Likit 2017 are now friends I will have for life!

I’m so sad my year as an ambassador has drawn to a close but its definitely no the end (don’t worry). I will of course be using Likit products for the rest of my life! Jet and Dude certainly cannot go with out. I will never be able to fully give back the amount that Likit has supported me this year, but I shall definitely try!
Maddie Nov 6
Whether you’re thinking about entering next time or have already tried, but haven’t quite made it yet! Don’t give up, it is such a wonderful experience and I can’t recommend Likit enough. The biggest thank you to Likit, Lindsay and all the team; it has been such a pleasure!

Over and out, Maddie, Jet and Dude x x x

Written by Maddie Stout, #teamlikit at 19:00, 21 November 2017


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