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Ok so for those of you who read my previous blog for July you may remember me saying I was looking forward to a month full of dressage. I was very much looking forward to a month full of dressage however it turns out Dad gets more entertainment out of me risking my life jumping Coletta so off jumping all month we went, fantastic… This picture is a very accurate representation of how me and Coletta felt about this news.
LucyW Aug1
To be fair Coletta was not actually all that bad!

The first weekend of the month we took Coletta for a trip down to Attington to have a play over some XC fences to get used to them (who knows why – I have no plans on eventing any time soon ha-ha). Again she was foot perfect and didn’t buck once, she had a look at a couple of fences but never backed off which is one of the things I love about her, bravery.
LucyW Aug2
Next up we had LBF Wednesday night show league. The first 4 jumps went ok and then Coletta decided life was far to challenging and threw the toys right out of the pram all the way over to Australia. Number 5 we jumped about 100 feet in the air and continued bucking the whole way to number 6 and then number 6 we decided it would be fun to jump normally in the front end and have the back end go above the wings, I am literally abused when she gets the hump. After number 6 we had a bit of a chat on the way to number 7 and restored normality, well, Coletta normality which is still not normal but slightly more containable ha-ha. After number 7 she jumped super and came 2nd.
LucyW Aug3
The following Wednesday we returned to LBF again for another Wednesday league show, this time it went much better. I think she was tired to tell the truth. However, that being said she did fantastically well to win her class. Just shows what is possible when she listens to me….
LucyW Aug4
Now this is where the real fun began for the moth, pony club camp!! Once again camp was a huge success and everybody involved had a fantastic time! All of the horses were shattered and ready for a well-deserved rest afterwards! Myself and friend Ollie got robbed of the ‘Camps got talent’ title yet again this year, our cha-cha slide only earned us a 4th place!! Gutted. The winners were fantastic though and I am sure next year we will have a better chance haha. Also from camp, despite being a member of staff I manged to win the onesie competition… None of the kids made and effort to bring one so I ended up walking round camp fire in a unicorn onesie with the matching slippers.
LucyW Aug5
Every so often I like to play this game called ‘how far can I tempt fate’ it seems. All fun and games. So I don’t think the below picture desires much of an explanation, I was perfectly sober and just bored at the yard so decided to jump on… Please don't try this at home!
LucyW Aug6
Cally was actually so well behaved!

Lastly for this month we attended the LBF end of the season bank holiday show! Coletta was incredible and worked her little socks off. We had some great results and comments across the day and as usual it was great fun to see everyone.
LucyW Aug7
That is about it for us this month. September is going to be a rather stressfull month for me personally as a lot is going to be happening. I am finishing my job and heading off to university in Nottingham which is about 4 hours from home… Coletta is coming with me so we are in for a big move with lots of work to be done!

LucyW Aug8

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 15:20, 09 September 2017


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