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Unfortunately, this month is not the most exciting month for us! Following a very busy and exciting March Coletta needed some time off to relax and enjoy some time in the field. She picked up an injury after RAF Halton XC day and went lame a few days after. We think it was when she kicked the lorry on the way home but we are not 100% sure. Thankfully it was only a day or two she was lame for but she had a fortnight off to ensure we didn’t further any damage.

As most people are aware, Coletta is a bit of a stress head in her stable so we ensured we gave her a Paddock Likit in her stable at night and kept refilling up her Boredom Buster, they really made all the difference in keeping her occupied and calm!
Lucy Apr1
I came home to an amazing surprise package from Likit which contained a rainbow likit, Stud Muffins, an easter egg, a Likit mug and a lovely note wishing us a happy Easter! Coletta absolutely devoured her rainbow Likit within 48 seconds (her new record). She is such a violent eater, it’s actually quitter scary how savage she gets when food is involved haha. For example, when she has her breakfast and dinner she has about 2 big scoops of mix and sugar beet but she finishes it within a minute and doesn’t put her head up once for a breath…. You’d think we didn’t feed her haha! But obviously it’s quite clear by her belly that she is fed more than enough.
Lucy Apr2
On the second week of easter I went on holiday for two weeks to Devon where Romy Fryer is! We had a lovely time, Devon is so much more peaceful then where we live in London. It was nice to have a break and chill after a very stressful 6 months with school work.

After returning from Devon we made the decision to try and bring Coletta back into showjumping. She has had the whole winter off showjumping as we’ve been more focused on dressage. To say the least she enjoyed herself. I ended up in A&E with a broken scaphoid bone in my hand because I fell off from her ridiculous bucking and rearing a stride out before the cross poles… The videos are very comical though, it’s more my commentary that’s funny really. She just really does not care or remember that I’m there half the time…
Lucy Apr4Lucy Apr5
Lucy Apr6
That is just about it for April, not very entertaining however there’s lots now planned for the upcoming months in the summer show season. We’ve qualified for 3 championship events so far and have lots of qualifiers we will be attending next month and June!

Thanks for reading, May is going to be a very exciting month for us so stay tuned!!

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 20:31, 14 May 2017


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