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Thankfully the beginning of 2017 has been much more successful than 2016’s! Coletta has been behaving impeccably and we have managed to get out and about! We have also managed to book in our Windsor, Badminton and Bramham tickets for the upcoming months! There seems to be a good 20 people from YouTube meeting up at Badminton horse trials this year XC day on the Saturday so that should be great fun! Myself and my show buddy Kate will be travelling up to all of the events together so that should also be fun!
Lucy W Jan1
This month we managed to take Coletta out to BCA showjumping and Bury Farm dressage. We had an unfortunate pole due to a riders error at BCA (sack the jockey) however since it was our first show out since November I think we did well
Lucy W Jan2
We then attended Bury Farm for some unaffiliated dressage just for a change and ended up coming 6th! We walked away with lots and lots to improve upon however watching the videos back I was incredibly proud of how much we have both developed with one another, even if she did go bucking across the arena before we started…
Lucy W Jan3
This month my social media accounts also seem to of taken off massively! My YouTube account now has 986 subscribers and my Instagram has reached 4,900! Huge thank you to everyone who is supporting me and following both mine and Coletta’s journey, it really means a lot! We were going to have a little celebration photo shoot however the weather has been so bad down here we haven’t managed to find a date yet. We did however dress Coletta up as a ninja for the meantime…
Lucy W Jan4
This month we haven’t had our usual jumping lessons, instead we’ve just been having flatwork ones due to the poor ground conditions. Lawrence has been helping us work on engaging Coletta’s back whilst working correctly and the positioning of my hands. I tend to ride quite lazy with my hands by my lap as it is much easier however now I know what a difference it makes I am training myself to keep my hands up and inline.
Lucy W Jan5
Once again a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting me and to Likit for giving me this opportunity. I am loving every minute of it! We have 4 shows booked in for February, 2 meetups and lots of training so I am very excited for next month’s blog!
Lucy W Jan6
Lucy Wallace & Coletta 

Written by Lucy Wallace, teamlikit at 14:30, 08 February 2017


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