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This month I started my GCSEs which unfortunately meant that I have had limited time to ride. However, I have been spending all of my breaks from revision and exams up with the horse and riding Fred and Roly.

We started the month with some riding club rallies and we spent time working hard on our dressage. We decided to enter Fred into two dressage tests at a local competition last minute as he has been going so well. I was delighted that he won both of his classes and with very respectable scores of 75% and 73% which I was thrilled with and we received some really lovely comments.

Fred and I are really lucky to have an amazing set of working hunter jumps in the field which my father made for us! We have had great fun with them this month and it is great to have them in the field so we don’t have to spend time travelling to other venues when time is limited during exams! We have also been enjoying spending our evening out in the field and working on Freds fitness.
Lucy RL May10
Lucy RL May11
All of the horses enjoy their Likits and I have found that the Likit Sport is especially good for the horses when they have sweated lots after work and on hot days.

Here is a picture of Fred with his Blueberry Likit all around his mouth which he enjoyed as a reward for his excellent dressage!
Lucy RL May12
We are counting down the days until exams are over and our summer starts! We are looking forward to having fun and spending all of our time together!

Lucy, Fred, Roly!

Written by Lucy Rowton-Lee, #teamlikit at 14:30, 14 June 2017


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