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This month has been a super month for Fred and I, we have been out competing, enjoying hacking at home and been working hard to prepare for the up and coming eventing season.

I started off having another amazing ride on Mondo, we did lots of trot and canter work, including one time changes, flying changes and started to work on the passage as well. It is such a fantastic opportunity to ride Mondo and I really enjoy it.
Lucy RL Mar8
Here is a link to a video of my ride on Mondo:

We had a super Show Jumping lesson with Lucy Jackson this month and it was in preparation for the Riding Club Combined training area qualifiers. We had practiced our Novice test and I was very pleased with how he felt on the day of the qualifiers. He did a good test and we scored 31.1 which I was delighted with and that put us into first place. We then did the Show Jumping which was a tight and twisty course. Fred flew round and we were clear within the time which meant that we won and have qualified for the Riding Club National Championships!

On Mother’s Day, we then went off to Elmwood Hunter Trials to do our first XC this year, I was worried that he may not be fit enough, but we went anyway and I said that I would take it steady. There had been two bad falls early on in the day which meant that there was a long wait before we got going. This also meant that out already late start time of 4.30 was now almost 6pm. However, as soon as we got onto the course and left the start box he flew round! He gave me no signs of not being fit enough – in fact so fit and speedy that we were close to catching up the horse in front of us! He loves his xc and despite Elmwood being a full up course with very technical elements he went clear and quite by luck we were only 1 second off the optimum time so we won! Fred wore his Likit saddle cloth which was very eye catching round the course!! At the end of the long afternoon he was rewarded with his Likit Apple treat bar and he had a banana Likit when he got home for being such a good boy! Here is a picture of Fred tackling the trakehner!
Lucy RL Mar1
We are now focusing on our dressage as we have the Novice BRC National Winter Dressage Championships at the start of April, we have learnt our test and we both look forward to representing out branch at Keysoe! We were also really excited that we have been given a wild card to the Intermediate National Championships which we also look forward to attending!
Lucy RL Mar9Lucy RL Mar10
All of the horses still love having their Likits in their stables and I enjoy hanging them up for the horses to enjoy. Here are some photos of Fred LOVING his Banana flavoured Likit.
Lucy RL Mar3Lucy RL Mar4Lucy RL Mar5
Lucy RL Mar6Lucy RL Mar7
Have a great Easter! Lucy, Fred and Roly!

Written by Lucy Rowton-Lee, #teamlikit at 14:45, 04 April 2017


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