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March was quite a busy month for myself and Ben, although it seemed to fly by! The first thing we did was more C test training. In this lesson we practiced a lot on our cross country positions and the approach and getaway of different types of jumps. We did a lot of skinnies and corner fences in the arena as the ground wasn’t dry enough to go out on the cross country course. It was a really good lesson and Ben jumped everything first time!

He has become a lot better at loading now when we are leaving places and will walk straight on. He always gets rewarded for loading with Likits, whether it be snaks, treat bars or stud muffins!
Klara Mar1
The 8th of March was a very exciting day as it was the first night Ben stayed out since November! He definitely 100% prefers being out although I think he is going to miss having all of his likits in his stable. I will just have to try and find some sort of way for him to have them in the field! I would also definitely recommend to anyone who has a horse or pony that lives out 24/7 to invest in a paddock likit! It’s a great way to make sure your horse is getting the minerals in his diet that he needs especially if grass is a bit scarce at this time of year.

On the 10th of March I went to my pony club table quiz. It was a really great evening and I had lots of fun! At the end of February I made up a hamper full of Likits and donated it as a prize for the raffle. The winner of the hamper seemed pretty pleased with it!
Klara Mar2
Usually I have C test training most Saturdays, but on the 11th of March I didn’t so I decided to go for a bit of show jumping in Ravensdale Lodge. Ben was very good whilst we were out and jumped superb in the warmup. It was our first show back since I fell off in Killossery in January so I just decided to stick to 70’s and 80’s. Unfortunately had a pole in the 70’s due to Ben not respecting the height and being lazy with his hind legs. We managed to pull it together though for the 80’s where we got a lovely double clear! Before we left, I let Ben spend a few minutes licking (or should I say biting/eating!!!) his blueberry little likit. Ben has definitely decided that blueberry is one of his favourite flavours!
Klara Mar3
On Monday the 13th of March I was meant to ride Ben after school again for the first time since October! Unfortunately though when I got down to the field and started tacking him up, I knew something was wrong. He started kicking his belly when I put the saddle on his back. I took it off and walked him round a bit as I thought flies were just irritating him, but he kept going. Long story short the vet came out and he got given pain relief and a relaxant and was absolutely fine the next day. He had been let out onto new grass the night before and obviously it was a bit too much for him and he had a bout of spasmodic colic.
Klara Mar4
I rode him again for the first time after his colic on the 16th of March. He was definitely back to himself and really enjoyed having a jump down in the field! I let him out with no rug on for a while after I rode and he was quite happy with that. He decided to show off a bit and we got some great pictures of him!
Klara Mar5
On the 18th of March I had more C test training. We did a lot of stable management in this lesson and a bit of jumping. We did a really fun exercise where we jumped down the centre line and turned either left or right to make a dog leg line. Ben was very good at it although he decided he was going to take out a lot of strides! I gave him a few stud muffins when we got back home and he was very happy! 

Our next outing was on the 25th of March to more C test training. We jumped a small course with skinnies and fillers that had a few technical lines and Ben was very good again. After the lesson, we practiced doing tail bandages for the test. We quickly dropped Ben home and headed down to Dublin to walk a hunter trial course for the next day!
Klara Mar6
We then went to the Ward Union hunter trials in Malahow on the 26th. It was a really sunny day and it was so nice for hunter trialing. I did novice pairs with my friend Colleen and it was great. Ben was brilliant leading and jumped everything! We were going clear until near the very end of the course I didn’t turn a corner tight enough and we just missed out on a log at the start of a combination. Even though we had that minor slip up it was still a brilliant day out! After I gave Ben some apple treat bar to reward him for being so good!
Klara Mar7
The next day was the 27th of March which was also my birthday! I had a lovely day and got the lovely new Lemieux lime green saddle pad for my present! I am so in love with it and think it really suits Ben! I also go my freejumps back which I am really happy about!
Klara Mar8
On the last day of March, the 31st, I decided to give Ben a bit of a spring clean! He had turned into a bit of a wild and grubby looking field pony over winter. I cut his tail, pulled his mane, plaited his mane for pony club, put hoof oil on him and brushed all the mud off him! 2 hours later and he was looking pretty decent! I think his Likit boredom breaker had a lot to say in helping stay still that long!
Klara Mar9
Hope everyone had a brilliant and fun filled March! Looking forward to writing my April blog as we will be going out lots over the Easter holidays and I will most likely be doing my C test!!

Hope you enjoyed reading what Ben and I got up to and here’s a little summary video of March:
Until next month, Klara&Ben

Written by Klara Ewings, #teamlikit at 14:30, 04 April 2017


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