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The month of January for me has brought lots of fun and show jumping! My fun started off with meeting up with my friends at the end of the Christmas holidays. Just before that though, Ben had his yearly dentist visit! The dentist said his teeth were in excellent condition and just need a routine floating. I was talking to her about Likit and she told me to take a picture of Ben in the gag next to his Likit holder. Ben was a really good boy for her and got a mint Treat Bar afterwards!
Klara Jan1
After that me, Rebecca and Aoife drove down to our friend Alex’s house. We hadn’t seen each other for a while so it was nice to meet up. We got to ride Alex’s pony Trigger too! We took lots of pictures and videos whilst riding.
Klara Jan2
I also brought down a few Likit treats for Alex’s horses, Trigger and Dee. Trigger really enjoyed his cherry Treat Bar that we used to reward him for doing his tricks.
Klara Jan3
At the start of the month I also clipped Ben for the final time this winter. He was very good whilst being clipped and with the help of his Likit Boredom Breaker to keep him still. That was the third time I clipped him this winter and I am now very happy I have a non-fluffy pony!
Klara Jan4
Didn’t really do much riding at the start of the month, just gave him a little break and took it easy. Went out hacking a bit and did a lot of lunging. When I can’t ride because of the ground in winter I do a lot of lunging to keep him fit. I also do a lot of roadwork and Ben really enjoys going out on hacks, maybe a bit too much! At the start of the month I also joined my local pony club, the Louth Hunt Pony Club. This was my first time joining pony club so I am really looking forward to all the activities.
Klara Jan5
On the 22nd of January I took Ben for a bit of interschool’s show jumping in Killossery Lodge. We had such a super first round, going clear and into the jump off. Unfortunately though in the jump off the photographers got in the way of us, which caused me to have to cut in really tight to the back of a jump to avoid her! This meant I very nearly fell off Ben and added a good few seconds to our time! Luckily though I managed to stay on and finish the round clear even though I was hanging onto him for the next jump! Somehow we managed to come 2nd place but it was extremely annoying as without that incident we would have come 1st place! It was a great day though and he was a very good boy and got rewarded with lots of Likit treats afterwards.
Klara Jan6
On the 27th of January I took Ben to the vets to get his vaccinations done. He was super for that too and didn’t fight with the vet. When we brought him back home, I hung up his Boredom Buster for him to have that night when he came in.
Klara Jan7
I then took Ben to Killossery Lodge again on the 29th of January for some more interschool’s jumping. We both had a very early start on a very cold frosty morning. Ben was very good in the first round and I decided that for the jump off round I would go for it and push him. When we came to the double, that may I add he jumped perfectly in the first round, he decided no and slammed on the breaks. Unfortunately I came off as I wasn’t really expecting it and now I've got a nice bruised leg. We just had a bad day and took him home and turned him out. He still got an apple treat bar as he jumped the rest of the jumps really well.
Klara Jan8
Really looking forward to writing next month’s blog as I am doing lots of activities with the pony club. Here' my most recent YouTube video, hope you like it... 

Until next month, Klara & Ben x
Klara Jan9 

Written by Klara Ewings, #teamlikit at 14:00, 08 February 2017


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