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February has been an amazing month of progress for myself and Ben! It was our first month full of pony club for the both us. I have started training to do my C test so I can do pony club eventing this summer! We have been receiving brilliant lessons from Kevin McGuinness to prepare us both for it!
Klara Feb1
Our first lesson was on Saturday the 4th of February. We got a chance to meet a few people in the Pony Club who were more than friendly! The first lesson was a bit of a basic lesson to get to know us all and our abilities. Ben was very good and we practised a few exercises to get him to listen to me more.
Klara Feb2
We then had another lesson the week after on the 11th of February. In this lesson we practiced our no stirrups for the test. It was a very windy and rainy day and Ben was a bit on his toes for the entire lesson. It was mainly and walk and trot lesson and at then at the end when we finally did have a canter, Ben found it all too exciting! Over all he was a very good boy! We had a bit of trouble loading him the week before but he went on straight away this week. He got rewarded for this with lots of Likit Snaks. I like to reward him for loading with snaks as they are easy to store in my pocket to quickly give to him!
Klara Feb3
The next week from the 16th-19th of February I did work experience at my old riding school, The Railings. It was a really good few days and I had lots of fun. There was a pony there who didn’t like being caught sometimes but with the persuasion of a few likit products she decided it was ok to be tacked up! All in all it was a great week and I loved seeing all the ponies I learnt to ride on again.
Klara Feb4
I also went back up to The Railings during their working hunter camp to take pictures. I helped groom and plait all the ponies beforehand and I am quite proud of my plaiting skills! Someone came in to judge it and it was great fun!
Klara Feb5
Mine and Bens next outing was a pony club cross country lesson with Sally Corscadden at Grange farm on the 24th of February. It was quite a trek out but it was completely worth it for the amazing facilities. We had such a brilliant lesson on the all-weather surface cross country. I felt like myself and Ben improved loads and gained so much more confidence out cross country. Although Ben decided, yet again, that he did not want to load but with the help of other parents and a cherry treat bar he eventually went on. Very briefly saw past Likit ambassador Laura Dunne after the lesson whilst we were trying to get Ben on!
Klara Feb6
The next day we then had some more c test training. That week was our show jumping week which I think Ben was very much looking forward to! He was getting a bit sick of flatwork and was ready to jump! We practiced a lot on striding and using the arena. We figured out that even though Ben is only 14hh he can easily make all the horse striding’s! He’s got a huge stride for such a small pony and I think this will definitely work towards our advantage against the clock!
Klara Feb7
Hope everyone had a lovely February! Now that the evenings are getting longer we’re definitely going to out riding more! Got lots planned for March such as hunter trials, show jumping and my birthday! This is my most recent YouTube video, I hope you like it!

Until next month, Klara&Ben x

Written by Klara Ewings, #teamlikit at 08:00, 16 March 2017


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