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The month of April was very very busy!! It started off with some more C test training on the 1st. This time we actually got to get out on the cross country course as the ground had dried up enough. Ben really enjoyed himself and cross country is definitely his favourite thing to do! He got rewarded after for being so good with some Stud Muffin treats which are also his favourite!
Klara Apr1
At the start of the month I was also going through a bit of trouble with Ben and his headshaking. It had just started up again at the end of March and was really severe. I was at my wits end with him and was running out of ideas of what to do with him as I couldn’t even trot him. Luckily I had the idea to try a nose net on him and it worked. He’s like a different horse now and doesn’t headshake at all. I’m so relived I found a way to make him happy and comfortable.
Klara Apr2
The next time we got out was for some John Ledingham show jumping training on the 7th of April. Ben was very well behaved and jumped amazing! Ever since joining pony club, our confidence has come on in leaps and bounds. We have an amazing show jumping instructor, Kevin McGuinness, who is to thank for all our improvement so far this year.
Klara Apr3
On Monday the 10th of April the big day had finally arrived and we did our C test. I spent all morning plaiting and getting ready and he behaved so well throughout the entire day! We had to load our ponies for the examiner and he loaded the best he ever had that day! He got loads of Likit snaks and some apple treat bar after for being such a good boy!
Klara Apr4
On the 12th of April I received a package from Likit! I’d like to thank Likit so much for everything they sent us. Ben now has a Paddock Likit in his field and a restock of Stud Muffins which he goes through very quickly! He also received a limited edition rainbow Likit! He hasn’t eaten it all yet as I want to save it for a day where I can get some nice photos of it. He did have a little taste of it though and he loves it! I also got a Likit mug (which I use for my coffee every morning!!) and an Easter egg which made me very happy!!
Klara Apr5
We were then at Ravensdale lodge on the 14th of April for John Ledingham show jumping qualifiers. I was really nervous as it was mine and Bens first 1m! Unfortunately though Ben just wasn’t in the mood for jumping. He jumped superbly in the warmup though but in the first round we had 3 stops at the third fence. We went back out to the warmup and got him focused again before going in for the second round. I gave him a growl at fence 3 and he popped it perfectly but then we had 3 refusals again at the 4th fence. The team still came 3rd though but it was a great learning experience for both of us now we know what we need to work on in the future.
Klara Apr6
On the 17th of April, after what happened in Ravensdale, we decided to take him out for some XC schooling at Piperstown. We played around in the water for a while and popped a few of the smaller fences to let him have some fun. Klara Apr7
We were back again at Piperstown on the 20th for a pony club dressage lesson with Sorrell Klatzko. It was such a brilliant lesson and she gave me some brilliant advice to help with Ben’s dressage tests when eventing starts.
Klara Apr8
Then on the 23rd of April it was one of my favourite days of the year, the Carlanstown hunter trials! My friend Alex and I did pairs again and she wore the gopro for our round. Ben was really good, just had 2 cheeky stops at the start of the course but once he got into his rhythm he was flying. Afterwards I hung up a Likit sport refill for him as he was very sweaty when we finished!

The last weekend of April was very jam packed! On Friday the 28th we were in Piperstown for some more John Ledingham training. Ben was very good and was jumping really nicely! The next morning then we were at riding and road safety training. I think Ben was a bit annoyed that we were only walking and trotting. Towards the end he got a bit impatient whilst standing at the pretend junction and decided that it’d be more fun to rear! My mission for the next few weeks is to hack him out as much as possible and get him used to standing on the road!
Klara Apr9
To round April off we went to the charity show jumping at Dunany. Ben jumped fab in the 75cm and we won it! Then in the 90cm we just got an unfortunate pole which was from him struggling in the deep sand and getting a bit tired. I was still so happy with him as he tried his heart out for me!
Klara Apr10
As you can see we had quite a busy April, now we are going to have a quiet enough may before things pick up again for summer in June. I made a video of what we got up to in April and you can watch it here:
Thank you for reading and I hope you had a nice Easter, Klara&Ben X

Written by Klara Ewings, #teamlikit at 15:00, 19 May 2017


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