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Hello, everyone!

This month my blog will be focusing on a YouTube video I uploaded recently, on how to make Likit Apple treats for your horse or pony!

These treats are Mika's absolute favorite, so I only make them on special occasions, such as on her birthday or at Christmas. I may also make her one on my birthday which is coming up (16th June!)

Here's a written recipe for the Apple Treats!
1 large apple
1 Cup of oats
2 Stud Muffins
1/2 Likit Treat Bar* *This depends on their size, but most horses should not have more than 4 pieces of treat bar per day. If you are unsure about how many Likits your horse can eat, visit for more details.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl Hollow out the apple Fill the apple with the mixture of ingredients Close apple with original top, or alternatively decorate with pieces of Likit treat bar Enjoy!

This month I had my last ride on Arlekino, I horse I jumped last summer. He is moving to new stables, so I was lucky enough to ride him once more! He is a lovely horse and I will miss him! (Jumping photo is from last July)
Isobel May1
Mika had 3 days off work this month as she received a special therapy from the vet for her back! This will keep her feeling comfortable and strong, and we have noticed her feeling more supple during dressage training! Below is Mika learning a shoulder fore, a dressage movement that we are practicing! Although Mika was a jumper her whole life before I got her, she still does her best for dressage (although I can always see her eyeing up oxers from across the arena!)
Isobel May 2
Every month I do my best to practice some tricks with Mika. Although trick-training is not physically hard work for horses, it gives them something different to think about! Trick training and liberty work has allowed me to learn a lot more about Mika, as I can understand her body language much better than I used to! Mika knows how to do the Spanish walk, give kisses, smile, and nod on command, all with the help of Likit Treat bars, or Likit Snaks! Keep an eye on my YouTube channel this summer, as I will be making a tutorial on one of these tricks once I've finished my exams!
Isobel May3
Finally, I am including this birds-eye photo, with our Likit logo in the woods. Can you spot Mika?
Isobel May 4
See you all next month, Isobel and Mika

Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 12:00, 26 June 2017


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