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Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely summer. I definitely am, I've been enjoying the (Very!) warm weather, and I've been staying at the stables all day doing photography and riding horses. Here's a photograph I took of a Friesian mare called Donna. She enjoyed a handful of Likit Snaks after her training session, as a reward for being such a wonderful model!
Isobel June 2
Unfortunately our training and main Likit photoshoots/videos were postponed this month, as we were surprised to find that Mika was injured. We are unsure of what happened, but we expect that she hurt her leg by rolling in her stable and accidentally kicking the wall. She was lame towards the beginning of the month, and we immediately consulted our vet who told us that Mika needed to have 3 weeks of resting in her stable, as well as 50 minutes of walk every day.
Isobel June 3
Even though Mika was only walking for 3 weeks, we were still able to show off our Likit logo branded kit around the stables! Lots of riders have been admiring our bright and colorful saddle pad! I was very worried for her, however she has been making a speedy recovery! Luckily, with the help of our Likit products, Mika's resting time has been a lot more enjoyable. I've been giving her lots of Apple and Cinnamon Snaks! I also set up our new purple boredom buster which I had been saving, and she's really been enjoying it! Before hanging it in her stable, I introduced Mika to it by letting her lick it. I still don't think she's quite understood that Likits aren't meant to be bitten, I always find teeth marks on her Likits (especially the banana flavored ones!)...
Isobel June 4
Likit Tip: especially during the warmer weather, your horse/pony could really benefit from a Likit ICE, made with Himalayan Salt! A salt lick will not only relieve boredom and stress, but will also help keep your horse healthy as it is an important electrolyte.
Isobel June 6
Although Mika has only been ridden in walk, we have still enjoyed performing tricks. Likit products are the perfect reward, especially for a greedy horse like Mika! She's definitely motivated by the sound of a rustling treat packet, and they've been keeping her occupied.
Isobel June 1
I also came across these photos, which are of myself and Mika (and other horses) 4 and a half years ago, before Mika belonged to me! Although they aren't very good quality, they truly prove that we've been Likit fans since the beginning of our journey!
Isobel June 7
This month I was also lucky enough to get to ride Su, a horse from different stables! She belongs to one of my friends, and she really enjoys Likit products! As you can see, she's also a lot do fun to ride!
Isobel June 8
See you next month, when hopefully Mika will be feeling better!
Isobel and Mika, Likit Brand Ambassadors

Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 15:00, 20 July 2017


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