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Hello everyone!! I think this blog is definitely the most exciting one I've written this year. This month I was lucky enough to get to fly all the way to Scotland, where I was able to visit the Likit factory and offices! We passed through Glasgow and to Ayrshire, which was a wonderful drive! The scenery is beautiful, with cows, horses and sheep scattered across seemingly endless fields. The offices and factory are nearby a river, and on the other side are a herd of cows.
When we arrived, I got to meet Lindsay, the Brand Manager of Likit! She gave my parents and me a tour of the Likit offices and showed us where they are made. My jaw dropped when we walked into the storage warehouse! There were Likits everywhere, piled one on top of the other. There were so many different colours, too! I couldn't believe my eyes...
Lindsay then took us for a walk through around the warehouses, and told us about how the Likits themselves are made, and how the benefit horses and ponies. We didn't manage to see the Likits being made as I was visiting when the factory itself was closed, however we still learnt lots about the process! As is stated on our website, 'the formulation for Likits was developed with help from top equine nutritionist, Dr Derek Cuddeford BSc, MSc, PhD so you can be assured of a top quality product that is completely safe to feed to your horse or pony.' Lindsay also showed us all the packaging of the Likit products, where it is kept and explained their functions and design. We were then able to visit the offices where Lindsay showed me two new Likit products with will be coming soon, they are absolutely wonderful, so watch this space!
In the office we discussed new product ideas, and we got to see some of the fully packaged Likits, which each have their own individual number, allowing them to be tracked when they are shipped across the world!

My visit to the Likit factory was an amazing experience, I had such a lovely day! We later went out for a delicious meal, and got to visit a nearby tack shop, JetSet saddlery! It was exciting to see the Likit stand set up there, especially now knowing where they came from! I think Mika would have been very upset with me if I hadn't brought her back lots of Likits and Stud Muffins... Here she is smiling after enjoying an piece of apple Likit!


Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 20:00, 23 August 2017


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