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ello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful month. This April I had my last few lessons at school in Year 11, as I will be on IGCSE Study Leave until the 16th June (I have my last exam on my birthday!). I had a 2 week Easter holiday which, although a lot of it was spent revising, I still managed to enjoy myself with Mika and my Likit products.

On the 1st of the month I went to watch a dressage competition which was taking place nearby. Due to my revision I did not enter, however I was still able to advertise Likit! I wore my Likit gillet while photographing the riders.
Isobel Apr 2
Isobel Apr 1
As well as some flatwork, I did a lot of trick training with Mika! She really enjoys performing the Spanish walk and giving kisses, as I always reward her with a Stud Muffin, or a piece of her favorite Cherry Treat Bar.
Isobel Apr 3
This month I was lucky enough to visit different stables, where I got to ride my friend's horse, Su! Su really enjoys the blueberry Large Likit and a mint Treat Bar.
Isobel Apr 4
This was my first time riding her, and she was very comfortable and sweet!
Isobel Apr 5
Mika has a new NEIGHbor who has moved to the stable opposite hers. He is an extremely tall show jumper who is also very lucky, because he sometimes gets to share a treat bar with Mika! Below I am wearing my #TeamLikit hoodie, and Mika and her new friend are enjoying a carrot Treat Bar.
Isobel Apr 6
I have to say that my absolute favorite ride this month was a long bareback hack in the forest. I started off by walking Mika with her blanket on, and we practiced climbing up small hills! Riding up and down hills is very good exercise for horses, and they always enjoy a different environment to explore - I am very lucky that we have a forest so nearby, as it is something both Mika and I really enjoy!
Isobel Apr 7Isobel Apr 8
After around 25 minutes of riding around the forest, Mika surprised me with her excitement; She took off at a gallop! I was very lucky to have managed to stay on, as I had no saddle and was not expecting her to go so quickly! My dad took this wonderful photo mid-Gallop, and it's definitely one of my favorites!
Isobel Apr 9
Mika was feeling wonderful this April, I can't decide if it's the spring weather or the Likits... I think it must be both! Mika and I were also lucky enough to receive an Easter parcel from Likit, which included a rainbow Likit!
Isobel Apr 10
It's so eye catching and smells wonderful. I uploaded a short video of it to my Instagram page. My dog, Katie was also very interested in our Easter gifts!!

Isobel Apr 11

Good luck to everyone else who has exams next month! Isobel and Mika

Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 20:00, 14 May 2017


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