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Gigi and I ended October with a Halloween hunter trial held at Swalcliffe Park. Despite Gigi being extremely wizzy, leaning on my hands and trying to tank off, I was so pleased we finished the course as it was our first 90cm XC event. I didn’t feel too intimidated by the jumps thankfully however there were some really challenging combinations where we unfortunately picked up some faults; however I had a really fun ride. There were definitely some things I have learnt and need to work on but I won’t let that stop us from having a good time. Anyway we didn’t go home empty handed. We may not have won the jumping side of the competition but we did win best dressed! 
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What Have We Been Up To This Month?
This month’s highlights:
•    4th Nov Flat Lesson With Tom Fray
•    12th Nov Your Horse Live
•    19th Nov Jump Lesson With Tom Fray
•    26th Nov British Eventing Arena Eventing at Dallas Burston Polo Grounds

November has been packed full of training! My coach has been over giving Gigi and me some great training and advice; we have mixed things up a bit, all for the greater good! Firstly we have been working hard on Gigi’s flatwork, dressage is by far her weakest element of an event, she sets her neck and it is very difficult to get her to soften and round. Previously Gigi was ridden in a kimblewick, I have also got an old eggbutt snaffle for flatwork. Recently my trainer has suggested we use the team up bit for both flatwork and jumping. In our lessons we have worked through lots and lots of bending exercises, especially ways to improve the warm up.
Hayley Nov6Gigi is really starting to get the idea of what we are asking her, when she does well I like to reward her with my voice and some Likit Snaks, positive reinforcement is by far the best way to teach. This month I have also had some jump training with my coach, this time we worked on altering stride lengths, especially in combinations and doubles. We looked at possible lines to ride through dog leg combinations; this was very interesting to get a feel for what Gigi is most comfortable with. I don’t normally set up dog leg combinations at home but I should do it more often as we had a lot of fun with it.
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November also meant it’s that time of year for Your Horse Live. I attended on the Sunday, of course I had to pop by the Likit stand! Your Horse Live was such an awesome event, packed with loads of demos and shopping!!!
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I had one competition this month which was the perfect opportunity to show off our Team Likit gear! British Eventing, Arena Eventing held at Dallas Burston Polo Grounds. Gigi was absolutely amazing; I was a tiny bit concerned as this would be our first competition in the team up bit instead of the kimblewick, I did think Gigi might try and run off with me, however she surprised me and was actually really soft. I felt our round was really controlled and ridden very well with a lovely even rhythm. Unfortunately we rolled a pole in the show jumping section which meant we got 4 faults. We also got 1.6 time faults (too fast); this was because I cut a corner on the XC phase. Gigi was so calm I actually thought we were going too slowly! I am definitely going to attend the next event in a couple weeks time on the 10th December.
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November meant one thing for Gigi and I… time to get ready for CHRISTMAS! So every year Gigi is treated to her very own advent calendar, this year I decided to make her one using Likit products. It was so simple and easy to do, I’m sure she is going to love her little surprises every day in the run up to Christmas!

That’s all from Gigi and me for now but we will be back next month!

Written by Hayley Young, #teamlikit at 19:00, 05 December 2017


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