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May has been a month where exams have taken over, with the first half of my GCSE's taking place, which meant the horses have taken a bit of a backseat. Adding to that, our first outing of the month was meant to be to Rosehill to compete in the 1m Hunter Trial, however unfortunately Judith pulled a shoe last minute, so we had to cancel! This left the start of the month very quiet, but it also gave both Judith and Towie a well earned break.

A couple of weekends ago I took both Judith and Towie to Attington, to practise some cross-country for upcoming events. They both jumped really nicely, and despite the very early start, it was nice to be out and about with the horses again!

There was one particular moment when Towie decided to take it upon herself to launch over a big, solid fence after adding an extra stride, and the photos of it are brilliant!
Flo May 1
Soon enough it was half term, which was good news for me because not only did it mean I get a break from exams, but I also managed to get out to a few Pony Club rallies with Judith. I attended a really useful Dressage practice, where I got the chance to practise my test for my pony club's own One Day Event at Hambleden, it was really useful and helped Judith and I a lot.

We also attended a showjumping rally with Ernest Dillon, which was brilliant, we finished by jumping clear round a course of showjumps 1m+ which gave me lots of confidence for Hambleden. Judith was really well behaved throughout the rally, so I rewarded her with some well deserved Likit Snaks.
Flo May 2
My last outing of the month was to Hambleden, to compete in the 100, and as my start time wasn't until 4pm, I went to watch and support my friends in the morning, which was great fun. By the afternoon I'd become pretty nervous, after seeing the showjumping course cause carnage earlier, with some really good combinations getting eliminated. However Judith really impressed me, posting a dressage of 33, leaving us in equal 4th place, and a nice clear showjumping moving us into 3rd. She did a really lovely clear cross country, however we had some time penalties that pushed us out of the placings, but nonetheless a super rewarding day, and my team finished in 3rd place too! You can watch a video from the event here:

That's all to update you on this month, however the end of my exams are in sight and after that I get to enjoy a nice, long summer!
Flo May 3
Next month I'm heading eventing at BCA, and Area Dressage is on the horizon too! Flo

Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 22:30, 15 June 2017


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