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March has been a busy and super exciting month, with the start of the Eventing season. Both Towie and Judith got out and showed their skills in all three disciplines.

The month started off well with our first event of the season at Tweseldown, Judith and I competed in the BE90 class. Judith did a lovely test to score a respectable 33.5. The showjumping course was probably the phase most affected by the weather, the brilliant arena party had already shifted the showjumps once to create nicer ground, but I was quite late in the day, so the course was definitely more muddy than ideal, but Judith jumped really nicely round it, just rolling one pole. She then did a cracking clear round cross-country to land us in 10th place, which was a great start to the season!
Flo Mar1Flo Mar2
The next weekend I took Towie to Attington Stud to have a practise over their new Cross-Country on a surface, we had plans for the rest of the day so ended up taking a slot at 8am, which meant we had the whole course to ourselves. Towie was a complete legend, she didn't hesitate once, jumping everything with ease. I rewarded her with an Apple Likit Treat Bar.
Flo Mar3
Also a big shoutout to my little brother Joe, who fully embraced being dragged out the house so early to come and watch, he somehow managed to keep himself entertained with all the cross-country fences! Although I still haven't convinced him to get on a horse and try it yet...
Flo Mar4
The next weekend was one I'd been looking foward to for a while, our Pony Club hosts an eventing training camp at the start of the season where you stay with your horse for the weekend and get to practise all 3 disciplines with Warren Lamperd. I made sure to pack lots of Likit Snaks which were especially popular with a couple of friends horses too! Judith went really nicely over the weekend, I learnt lots and had fun, not only in the riding sessions but also in the rider psychology talk and hearing about friends plans for the season. On the Sunday we took a trip to Lyneham Heath for Cross-Country schooling where Judith was on fire! She went super nicely and listened to everything I asked, and all on the snaffle ring of her bit too!
Flo Mar5Flo Mar6
A video from all 3 disciplines we practised over the weekend is below:

The final event of the month was Goring BE90 for both Towie and Judith, Towie was up first in the dressage. Now, both Towie and I were excited that it was her first event of the season, but only one of us could contain that excitement. And it wasn't her. In fact she was so excited that she proceeded to show the dressage judge just how good she was at dressage by adding 4 flying changes into our second canter!!! But with some nice moments the judge gave us a fair 35. Towie went on to produce a cracking double clear with just 0.4 time fault XC. She redeemed herself from her lively dressage!

Judith did a lovely, fluid test so I was slightly disappointed to be given 37, but that's just dressage for you! She also went on to do a lovely, confidence filling double clear, so a good day all round.
Flo Mar7
A video of both of them at Goring can be watched here:

So a successful month all round, and a good start to the season.

April is looking like an exciting month, as I'm writing this it's less than a week until my first BE100 with Judith, it's also my birthday and there's lots of other exciting stuff planned. So make sure to catch up on it all next month!


Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 14:35, 10 April 2017


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