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February has been a very busy month, with final preparations for the Eventing season ahead, I've been to lots of training clinics and lessons, and had the chance to put everything together in competitions. There's hardly been a free moment! Some of the highlights of the month include:
Arena Eventing training at Cherwell with both Towie and Judith, It was so nice to get the opportunity to jump all of the lovely arena cross country fences at Cherwell Competition Centre, and it was my first run of the season over solid fences with either of them.
Flo Feb1
I took Judith in a pony club group lesson, it was so nice to see everyone for the first time this year. It was also lovely to have the arena all to myself when riding Towie, who was just as excited as me to be jumping the cross country fences! Both horses jumped really nicely and a video of the session can be watched here:

Towie took a trip to Pony Club Gallops training a couple of days later, where she definitely enjoyed showing off how fast she could go - We were practising speeds for BE90 and BE100 Cross Country, and despite just being 14.2 she found it all very easy!
Flo Feb2
The following day I took Judith to Richard Waygood's house for another Pony Club Rally, she went really nicely, jumping heights of up to 1.20m, we tried exercises that really got Judith and I focused. It was a really useful lesson and gave me lots of confidence for the season ahead.
Flo Feb3Flo Feb4
At the end of half term I took both Towie and Judith to BCA to compete in a Prelim dressage class, Judith went first and did a lovely test, all the dressage lessons have been paying off! There were a couple of areas that could have been neater, but overall I was really pleased and we walked away with 4th place in our Arena. Towie also did a lovely fluent test to get 2nd in the Open Arena, so it felt like a successful day all round and they were both rewarded with some Mint and Eucalyptus Likit Snaks.

After getting balloted out of our first event at Aston-Le-Walls, I decided to take both horses up to Wickstead for the Arena Eventing. I entered Towie into the 90cm and went out on a whim and entered Judith in the 100. So we ventured up, despite all the rain! Towie did a really nice round, making it feel easy. We just annoyingly had the 1m joker fence down, but as it turns out, the course caused so many issues in my class of 35 that Towie and I still finished 4th which was a bonus! I rewarded her with a Cherry Likit Treat Bar, her favourite Likit Treat.
Flo Feb5
I walked the 100, and some of the fences were huge, I completely forgot that the showjumps were allowed to be 105cm, and some of the cross country looked big and technical, but Judith flew round the course with no issues, just having an annoying pole. She also did a big leap into the water and I almost took a splash! So I turned a circle to regroup and carried on. The joker fence which was 1.05/1.10 didn't want to stay up for me again! But I was chuffed to walk away with the confidence that we can do the 100's, and it's set us in really good stead for the season ahead of us. A video of both Towie and Judith Arena Eventing can be seen here:

So February has been a successful month, but March is the start of the season, and another exciting month too! My first event is Tweseldown BE90 with Judith on March 12th, so fingers crossed the weather holds out ...

Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 20:00, 08 March 2017


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