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April has been a super exciting month for Towie, Judith and I. I made the big step up into entering and competing in my first ever BE100's, however this month has definitely had its share of thrills and spills - but that's the nature of Eventing!

Judith and I were making our debut in BE100's at the start of the month, entered into South Of England BE100u18 (A class specifically for riders under the age of 18). It was a long trek to get there, but the course looked lovely, quite big and bold, but what I excepted in the step up a class.

Judith did a nice test, with some excitable moments, to score a fair 36 and went on to do a lovely round of showjumping, just rolling an unfortunate pole, so I was feeling fairly confident for the cross country. However all did not go to plan...

Unfortunately Judith and I had a miscommunication at fence 6, resulting in me flying out the side door - however it made for a classy photo!
Flo Apr 1
Luckily we were both unharmed, just a little frustrated! But I took the opportunity to get back on and jump the fence, as well as the next one, before calling it a day before we got to some of the trickier combinations later in the course.

The next week I took Judith back out cross country schooling at Boomerang with Richard Waygood. Judith went really nicely, not batting an eyelid at anything, the session reassured me that South Of England was just unfortunate, and gave me lots of confidence for our next event, which was Hambleden.
Flo Apr 2
Next weekend, it was Towie's time to shine! I took her to T&P Equestrian to pop round the 100 for experience, and (as per usual) Towie exceeded my expectations and jumped super boldly, winning the whole class! Towie was rewarded with an Apple Likit Treat Bar and Stud Muffins for all her super hard work. I also made a last minute decision to put her name down on the waitlist for Hambleden BE100...
Flo Apr 3
To add to the brilliant day, I received a parcel when I arrived home, I had no idea what it was, but upon opening it found a box of Easter Likits, including an amazing Rainbow Likit and an Easter egg for me. It was definitely a super way to add to the successful day, Towie managed to finish the whole rainbow Likit in 1 night, so it's safe to say she was very spoiled that day!
Flo Apr 4
With the month drawing to a close, there was just one exciting event left. Hambleden BE100, both ponies had been accepted and it was set to be a very exciting day for a lot of reasons. Not only was Hambleden just 2 minutes down the road from me, but it was the event that influenced my decision to start riding, and something I had been aiming towards for years. It was an early start, with Judith being first of the whole day with an 8am dressage.

But the day was totally worth it - both Judith and Towie were on fire, both achieving clear cross country rounds across a very challenging course! Both were on absolute top form all day, although slightly disappointing dressage marks but them both out of contention for a placing, I was thrilled with how nicely they both jumped. Especially little Towie, who was one of the smallest of the day!
Flo Apr 5
A video from Hambleden can be viewed here:

So April has been an exciting month, but May is a month set not to be as fun, as the start of my dreaded GCSE's role around. I still aim to be out and about whenever I can, but unfortunately it seems there will be lots of weekends stuck inside revising instead of galloping around cross country courses...

That's all from us this month:
Towie, Judith & Flo x

Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 18:00, 14 May 2017


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