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July has been a very quiet month for Sprout and I, with his rehabilitation work coming to an end after his twisted pastern, and preparing for camp at the beginning of August. The month started with Sprouts final vet visit, where he got the all clear to come back into work. This included 5 days of walking hacks, which was interesting to say the least! Sprout is used to being worked 6 days a week and having nearly 4 weeks off sent him insane! Luckily he had lots of likit treats to keep him occupied. He had Likit snaks in his Snak-a-ball each day which he loves playing with, and one big Likit in his Boredom Breaker per week to make sure he was happy, whilst restricting is sugar intake. When he did come back into work, it was a mental exercise for me as well as him, as I learnt to anticipate his spooks on the road, and predict things he would play up about, so we would remain safe whilst hacking! Being Sprout, 4 days into his program he threw a shoe and was footsore which then set us back another week…frustrated doesn't even cover it! Luckily my brilliant farrier was on hand to sort him out and make sure he was comfortable. When Sprout came back for the second time, he was enjoying work much more and finally settled into it, with just a few extra shapes thrown in!
Romy July 1
Romy July 2
Romy July 3
Sprout is quite nervous on the ground, meaning we have to be cautious with other people handling him as he has been known to use his teeth in defence more than once! Because of this, a physiotherapist or chirporactor is too intrusive for him to handle, so we found a new approach to help his skeleton remain healthy and aligned. One of my pony club instructors, Lucy Bounden is also a trained McTimoney Chiropractor, and although to begin with Sprout was unsure and nervous about the procedure, he soon settled and began to really enjoy himself. McTimoney uses a drugs-free, hands-on approach to make small adjustments to the horses spine to reduce muscle spasms. Lucy first sees Sprout walk and trot in hand on a straight line, then turns to assess his ability to turn tight circles and assess the position of his pelvis, which had dipped slightly. Its a really interesting thing to watch, as Lucy uses only her hands to feel the incorrectly aligned joints of Sprouts spine and pelvis, which could cause him to not work properly under saddle. Lucy treats Sprout with precise manipulations to correct these misalignments, and the difference it makes is incredible! Almost immediately after treatment, it was clearly visible how much looser Sprout looked, and he was moving with a lot more freedom! I would highly recommend McTimoney to anybody as its very much worthwhile!
Romy July 4
Romy July 5
Romy July 6
My friend Honour also came to stay for a few days before we both travelled to her house in Leamington Spa for her birthday! Honour is an incredible photographer and took some stunning photos of Sprout and I! You can see me here in my Forever Oak breeches which luckily have silicone knee strips or I’d have been off more than once!
Romy July 7
I cant wait for camp next week with OBH Hughenden pony club, its always the highlight of my equine year! Hughenden is a very friendly Pony Club, with an incredible committee who work their hardest throughout the year to make all members feel involved and welcomed. Although we are a small PC, we are mighty, and compete at many events throughout the year including areas, Blenheim and Royal Windsor. Please feel free to look round the website and get in contact if you want to find out more! I'm taking Sprout’s Snak-a-Ball to camp with me, accompanied by a large bag of Likit Snaks, and lots of Treat Bars, especially the electrobar for after his cross country! I hope everybody who attends camp this year has a brilliant time and learns a lot, Romy and Sprout :)

Written by Romy Fryer, #teamlikit at 09:00, 02 August 2016


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