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August has been an interesting month, starting with camp in the first week. Sprout has been diagnosed with “psychological lameness” where he essentially becomes lame if he doesn't want to do something! So naturally a nice hack the day before camp ended rather fast when he started hopping on 3 legs. The vets came out and did various tests, all of which he passed with 100% soundness, resulting in this being the third vet to find nothing wrong with him! Having missed the first day of camp, as well as all the PC Areas I was understandably gutted, but we were instructed by the vets to take him to camp and call them as soon as he goes lame so they can nerve block him! Of course as soon as we arrived at BCA where the OBH Hughenden Pony Club senior plus camp is held, Sprout pricked his ears and settled into his stable for the night!

OBH(H) do three types of camp each year, a “Junior” camp for children under 12, “Senior” for 12-17 year olds and “Senior Plus” (which I do) for people of over 17 years of age, or by invite. We purchased a pair of Equ-Streamz copper bands for Sprout to wear round his pastern, preventing any further “damage” and they work really well as far as I can tell.
Romy Aug 1
The first day of camp for me dawned bright and early for me, which showjumping in the morning then cross country in the afternoon! This was a bit daunting as I had missed the flatwork session the previous day so was throwing Sprout in at the deep end! When we first started warming up, Sprout was messing around a bit, and it didn’t help that one group of seniors used my lesson as their stable management to assess rider positions which was a bit nerve-wracking! When we started jumping, Sprout settled and produced some lovely work! After a quick lunch and clothes change, it was time to stud upend get kitted out in our cross country gear, ready to hit BCA’s BE course! Sprout was very excitable, but jumped superbly, flying over some pretty daunting jumps! Admittedly I forgot to unclip my air jacket when I swung my leg over the pommel to get off, resulting in an impromptu handstand when I tried to clamber back into the saddle halfway down, to prevent it going off until somebody could unclip me! Although embarrassing for me, it caused a few giggles amongst the yard! The Camp videos can reviewed here:

Romy Aug 2
Romy Aug 3
Romy Aug 4
Romy Aug 5
Sprout consumed so many Likits at camp, but he deserved them after all his hard work! The Electro Bar was particularly beneficial in the hot weather to replace any essential salts he had lost through sweating, and as you can tell, he was desperate for it! Sprout also wore his Likit rug at night when it got a bit chilly to keep him warm and clean, and we received many compliments about it!
Romy Aug 6
Romy Aug 7
Romy Aug 8
The weeks following camp were quiet, with a few trips to London and my parents making the (very unwise in my opinion) decision to relocate to Devon from Buckinghamshire at the beginning of September, much to my disgust. As a result of this, I have frantically been trying to meet with people to say goodbye, meaning I have been unable to compete much in August. Some of my closest friends organised a surprise party for me which was so lovely!
Romy Aug 9
As you can probably tell, I am very against this move but I guess will have to see what the future brings. It also means that Sprout is unable to come with us until November as there is nowhere to put him at such short notice, which I am devastated about. I, like most others, cherish the time I have with my pony, and to be suddenly told I will only see him twice a week after a 4 hour trip from Devon is just a tad aggravating, especially since I was looking forwards to using the Autumn months to prepare for the winter circuit, ready for some JAS before BE events start in March!

I am currently writing this blog from Vietnam, on a plane heading towards Nha Trang. We arrived in Hanoi on the 23rd, where we spent the day touring the city before having an early night, ready for the flight which took us to our next stop, Nha Trang, where we will stay 8 days, before arriving home on the 4th, meaning I have one day to pack my bags before leaving again.
Romy Aug 10
On a happier note, I am delighted to say I have been chosen to represent my pony club in the team Eventer’s Challenge at Blenheim Horse Trials! If anybody is there on Friday the 9th, feel free to come and say hello to myself and the flying ginger! To prepare for this, we went to Milton Keynes EC to practise our cross country, accompanied by my chief photographer Flo Carter! It was also here that we found out she was one of the new Likit ambassadors so huge congrats to her! The video of our cross country can be viewed here:

As this is my final blog of Team Likit, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has made it possible, be it my friends, instructors or supporters! Thank you to everybody at Likit for helping me, and putting up with my frantic emails, especially the hundreds trying to organise the video for this years applicants!

Finally, good luck to the new members of Team Likit, I hope you have a brilliant year and enjoy yourselves!

If you would like to continue following Sprout and my journey, we are most active on Instagram, where you can find us @rf_equine, or youtube by searching Romy Fryer.

I hope everybody has had a lovely summer, and is looking forwards to starting school again (lets face it, who actually is??). Romy and Sprout xx

Written by Romy Fryer, #teamlikit at 13:00, 11 September 2016


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