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Wow what a busy month March has been! Ted and his friends continued to enjoy their favourite Likit treats alongside competitions and training! On the 12th we travelled over to our favourite training venue, Home Farm to have a lesson on their brand new canter track and arena eventing arena. Working on speed and timing, and different challenging XC fences like corners,skinnies and water etc. After an excitable start Ted and I learnt a lot and took a lot away from the session.
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The following weekend we made our way over to Burghley Park for the Burghley Pony Club hunter trial, the course included some challenging and spooky fences. It was set within the Burghley park and it was a great experience to ride right alongside some of the real Burghley fences. The water jump was set right next to the elephant trap and leaf pit! Ted was a brave boy and jumped all the spooky fences which made me very proud!
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Also we found a new fan of the Likit brand Smudge the puppy! He wanted to have a picture on Ted with his Likit rug on!
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Easter weekend was one of the busiest I've ever had! It all started with the good Friday at Solihull riding club for Atherstone Pony club's annual show jumping competition, I only competed in one class due to the busy week end ahead. It was a beautiful day for the competition and I was competing in the 90cm class, it was a team competition so my team was made up of myself and 3 others. We finished 3rd in the class and I was proud of how well we had done and also came home with a beautiful rosette.
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The next morning was an early start to travel and hour and a half to Field House equestrian centre for the pony club Dengie areas. Ted felt amazing warming up, he was feeling super light in my hands and was moving swiftly across the ground. However all was about to change as we entered the tense arena. It was silent in there and I felt the pressure get to me. Ted began tensing up resulting in not the best test we've done :( I went home feeling disappointed especially after all the practising we had been doing to prepare. But as usual it made me more determined to do better next time!
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The final competition of the month was the first our first event of the season at LandS eventing, Offcurch Bury. At this point Ted was feeling tired from the two days before so I decided to take it easy and do as much as we could. The dressage was early in the morning so there was a chill in the air but that didn't stop Ted from strutting his stuff! The show jumping warm up was super muddy and slippery, although we were wearing studs I didn't want to risk him slipping over so we only popped a couple of fences before entering the ring. We went clear in the show jumping which was very twisty. Finally cross country. Ted felt like a donkey in the warm up, most of his energy was drained from such a busy weekend but I was determined to at least get around the course and we did with time faults but I was pleased with how the whole day went! So April will be another jam packed month whilst Ted and I continue promoting the Likit brand far and wide!
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Written by Mia Brindley, #teamlikit at 13:30, 11 April 2016


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